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From the Cobblestones on Bond Street...
The restaurant Gourmet magazine calls "one of the best and most exciting in America" started life in 1994 when independent filmmaker Donna Lennard and her Italian partner, Alberto Avalle, opened an off-the-beaten path antique store on cobblestoned Bond Street. A modern day trading post of crafts and culture, il Buco attracted an eclectic clientele of locals, lured in by the warmth and magic of the space, the worn patinas of the primitive antiques and Americana, and eventually the aromas of the kitchen, as the couple transformed the rustic antique store into a charming restaurant attracting an incredible roster of chefs over the years and bringing the restaurant international acclaim.
The Story Behind Each Location
Il Buco Family is home to two restaurants in New York City, a new location in Ibiza, Spain and an artisanal home line inspired by owner Donna Lennard’s travels throughout Italy—read more about our growing family by clicking below!
Our Products
We are thrilled to have a home for the original il Buco product line, consisting of our selection of olive oil, vinegar and sea salts from Italy. We are now able to offer our clients the opportunity to use these products daily and to expand the line here with our selections from all over Italy as well as local producers.
Our Friends
We would like to introduce you to a collection of our neighbors, friends, artists and producers who have become a true part of the il Buco family over the past 24 years.
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