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Website Accessibility 

At il Buco Family, our goal is to provide a positive experience for all of our guests; accessibility, diversity and inclusion are important values that affect everything we do. Whether you use a screen reader, voice recognition software or another kind of assistive technology, we want our website to be accessible and easy to navigate for all.

Accomplishing Accessibility Goals

We set our web accessibility standards high and are working to achieve them. Our team is dedicated to ensure our site meets all laws and guidelines and creates a usable experience for all who visit. We are continuously educating ourselves and learning through training sessions with advocacy groups, industry partners and more.

What To Do If You Need Assistance

If you cannot access any information or item on our website, or need help obtaining information, completing a form, or require help with anything else access-related, please email or call 212-533-1932 for assistance.
Emails will be answered by next business day. 

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