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il Buco at Mostrador Marram in the Wall Street Journal

We are open in Montauk for a season, taking over the restaurant space of Donna's lifelong friends Fernando Trocca & Martin Pittaluga who will be staying in Santa Teresita this summer. With Chef Justin Smillie at the helm, Donna brings her passion for relaxed and unstudied fine dining to il Buco at Mostrador Marram, offering abundant counter service of savory meats, local seafood, local vegetables, and housemade bread and pastries from il Buco Alimentari.

From the Wall Street Journal:

"What is particularly remarkable is how the restaurants have established operations in the East End so quickly, signing lease deals or working out other arrangements just weeks ago.

'It was totally crazy. It was just like, ‘Let’s do this,’ said Donna Lennard, owner of Il Buco and Il Buco Alimentari, who formed a partnership with the Marram hotel in Montauk to bring her Italian-influenced dining concept there this summer. Ms. Lennard said she didn’t even start talking with the property about the idea until late May."

You can read the full article here. See you on the beach!

Photo Credit: Paul Brissman

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