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il Gusto - New York, la cucina italiana in America è passata dal Buco

“Thirty years ago, an antique shop was first transformed into a wine bar and then a restaurant. ‘We brought the best of Italy to New York City.’ The journey began in March 1994 when a young filmmaker, Donna Lennard, and her Italian partner from Umbria, Alberto Avalle, a purist with a deep passion for food and travel, opened a small outpost that generated constant but organic growth, eventually becoming an institution in NYC.

Soon after opening, they were joined by a friend of Alberto’s, Roberto Paris, another Umbrian. He quickly became an asset who would have many roles in the restaurant, but most importantly he directed and championed its wine program. Starting with a list of 70 wines, il Buco today has over 700 labels. For over two decades, il Buco’s wine cellar is widely regarded as seminal for the promotion of Italian wines in NYC.

The secret of il Buco’s success is simple: to offer the best ingredients and products by the people who believe in them. Farmers, agriculturalists and wine producers. Il Buco has become a pioneer, offering exceptional artisan products through constant sustainable growth.”

Written by Valeria Robecco

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