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Our doors are closed for now, as we follow updates from the city. We’re so grateful for this community, and look forward to welcoming you all back to our restaurants when the time is right.

Let’s keep finding creative ways to connect and respond
in the meantime.

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Wine Director Roberto Paris on Forbes

Read about il Buco's Wine Director, Roberto Paris, in Forbes online. 

It’s his fondness for “odd characters,” for wines wrongly disregarded elsewhere but thankfully found here, for the kind of conversations launched by a first sip of something you didn’t know existed just a minute ago. “I love the catch of the day, things that fall into your net while you’re fishing for something else,” he says. Helpfully, to those of us with unquenchable curiosity, Paris makes some of those catches especially handy: on his list there is an extensive selection of Italian wines poured one glass at a time.

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