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A Restaurateur's Eclectic New York Apartment, Where Comfort Is Number 1 "New Yorkers don’t just happen upon apartments. There is always guaranteed to be a wild, unbelievable-if-you-think-too-hard-about-it story that brought person and home together. So unsurprisingly, New York City restaurateur Donna Lennard remembers every last detail of snagging her place. It was 1994, the year she signed the lease for what would become the location of her flagship eatery, Il Buco. It only made sense for her and her partner to live upstairs—the restaurant is here and we should live above it; it’s too noisy for anyone, Donna remembers thinking—but it took months of negotiation, briefly losing the apartment to a higher bidder, and the discovery of a dead neighbor for the apartment to finally be theirs."

Read more about Donna Lennard's home online at Clever by Architectural Digest

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