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Donna Lennard featured in New York Magazine's The Grub Street Diet

The Grub Street Diet: Il Buco’s Donna Lennard Takes Her Drinks to Go

By Chris Crowley 

Donna Lennard’s Bond Street antique store turned restaurant Il Buco is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. That kind of longevity is rare for any restaurant, and nobody is more surprised than Lennard. “It wasn’t what we were setting out to do,” she says. “You just set out to do something that you love and it takes on a life of its own, with your somewhat leadership.” You can see why it worked out for Lennard, who clearly has a firm grasp on how to live the good life: popping by her former Il Buco chef Ignacio Mattos’s restaurant Estela for scallop crudo and chocolate cake, getting a soft serve and margarita to go in the Hamptons, and pairing Pulp Fiction with “meringue extravaganzas” for movie night with her son...

Read the full story on The Grub Street Diet.

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